Friday, 13 May 2011

Bollywood Kissing Queen Malika Sherwat Clevege Pics

Bollywood Kissing Queen Latest Pics .....mlaika sherwat have so nice curves :)

Mallika Sherawat out of ‘Murder 2′…

Anurag Basu’s thriller Murder was her springboard to fame. So is being left out of the sequel pinching Mallika Sherawat?
Not really, says the Bollywood siren, adding that she is instead excited about upcoming film Dhamaal 2.
“I have no regrets for not doing Murder 2. I am perfectly fine with whatever decision has been taken,” Sherawat is quoted as saying by a news agency.
She has been replaced by Jacqueline Fernandez as the female lead of Murder 2.
Mallika is now making her debut on TV with the dance reality show, Chak Dhoom Dhoom.
About the pressure on the contestants in such shows, especially the children, Sherawat said, “There is a lot of pressure on kids and so they do dangerous stunts to get attention. I discourage them from doing stunts as it is risky.”
Asked if she feels the pressure of the competition as an actor, Sherawat said, “I take competition as a healthy thing as it keeps you on your toes. Otherwise actors are lazy, so there is a need for some blow, or a jerk…a flop film or TRP going down. It is good in a way as one wakes up and gears up.”

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