Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gorgeous Jennifer Stano Engaged to Billionaire Alki David

The drop dead gorgeous of Have Faith swimsuits Jennifer Stano is reported to have recently got engaged to billionaire Alki David. The couple had been together for over a year now.
jennifer stano alki david Gorgeous Jennifer Stano Engaged to Billionaire Alki David
Stano is considered a very hot and gorgeous model. She has been a WWE DX cheerleader, a model of Axe body spray and one of their Boom Chicka Wah Wah girls and a host in Spike TV. She has also appeared and done some smart parts in the movies.
Recently, she hosts two shows on E! In her first show, beautiful Stano features designers and their family. On her other tv segment, Stano hosts The Spin Crowd which is being produced by Kim Kardashian.
Stano’s fiancée Alki David on the other hand is known as a rich businessman as well as an actor. His latest film was Fishtales where he co-wrote the story, performed in the film and also directed the movie. His recent business project is FilmOn, a video-on-demand internet site. David claimed that in its first year of operations, he made a profit of around 7 million pounds. On latest news, David is planning to launch Battlecam, his own version of chat.
The couple have not announced yet any details nor date regarding the upoming wedding. However, the two will be appearing in E channel for a feature episode of Spindustry where they might slip some details of their plans.

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  1. FilmOn.com Chairman Alki David and Jennifer Stano was married at Oheka Castle via PRNewswire http://pop.to/2gvx



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