Monday, 1 March 2010

Najma Gul From Sialkot Village
Dear readers you are looking at the photo of Najma Gul who belongs from a village of Sialkot. The photo was sent by one of our readers Salman Shahid who tells that Najma Gul is his cousin and the snap was taken when she� came to his home on wedding of his elder brother. Mr. Salman wants to read some spicy comments about his cousin.
Well friends, just take a look on the face of this cute girl and tell us how beautiful she is…??
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Well friends today we are posting another photo of cute Sialkoti Girl Mehreen (see old post here). We have also received a thanksgiving� message from Mehreen. She tells that I have made so many fuNNy but sincere friends during last ten days through but its not enough I have need many more friends but please remember only those who send me some funny messages because I love fun with my friends.
Well Mehreen, we have delivered your message to our readers now it is their duty to contact with you as soon as possible.
Well friends this is second photo  of Mehreen from Sialkot. This time she is standing with some relative women. We have also some more photos of this cute girl which will appear soon in future, so please keep in touch with
Dear friends, I am sure you are thinking that who is this beauty�?? Well this photo is of Mehreen Sarfraz. She belongs to modern family of Sialkot. Mehreen is studying in Punjab University. Because her home is faraway away from Lahore that�s why she lives in hostel. This photo was taken at her home, when she went back her home at some holidays to meet her family and attend the marriage of her cousin.

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