Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kangna Outsourcing Specialist

Kangna is an outsourcing specialist in and Indian IPO. Kangna is based in Bangalore, where she contacts clients based in North America and Europe, arranging outsourcing for them. Kangna’s outsourcing work involve the transfer of the management and/or day-to-day execution of an entire business function to an external service provider. The client organization and the supplier enter into a contractual agreement that defines the transferred services. Under the agreement the supplier acquires the means of production in the form of a transfer of people, assets and other resources from the client. The client agrees to procure the services from the supplier for the term of the contract.Kangna Outsourcing Specialist Business segments typically outsourced include information technology, human resources, facilities, real estate management, and accounting. Many companies also outsource customer support and call center functions like telemarketing, CAD drafting, customer service, market research, manufacturing, designing, web development, print-to-mail, content writing, ghostwriting and engineering. Offshoring is the type of outsourcing in which the buyer organization belongs to another country.

Today, outsourcing has almost become the order of the day. So why are global organizations choosing outsourcing? More and more global companies are choosing to outsource today for a number of reasons, such as, cost-effective services, increased efficiency, increased productivity, shared risks, reduced operating costs, increased quality, better services and more time to focus on core competencies. These are just a few of the reasons why organizations are outsourcing today. But why outsource to India and why do companies outsource to India. India is the most ideal place to outsource to, because India offers several advantages.

India has been a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions and has been providing a range of outsourcing services to countries across the globe. Today, India can be called as the world’s outsourcing hub. Outsourcing to India can help your organization benefit from cost-effective services, high-quality services, reduced operating costs, greater flexibility and faster-time-to-market amongst others. These are just a few reasons why companies outsource to India. Another reason why outsourcing to India makes good business sense is because India has high-end technology and best-of-breed infrastructure. India has now become the world’s most preferred outsourcing location. India is also the global hub for software enabled services and software development.

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