Sunday, 28 February 2010

Swaat Charming Student Ambreen in Karachi

 Here we see an attractive looking Swaati girl enjoying college party in Karachi Campus. Her name is Ambreen and settled in Karachi since long. Ambreen says college parties vary from school to school, but typically range from crowded dirty basements to huge outside blow-outs. College parties can be off campus at spring break. Some schools have lawn parties with outside kegs and make shift slip and slides.

Ambreen writes every college party is different, but there are usually some standard things across most college parties. Typically one or many kegs are involved, drinking games are being played, and college students are enjoying sharing cold refreshing beverages with friends and classmates after lots of hard work. Ambreen is now free and most of the time she spend online. She loves chatting, calling, shopping and meet different peoples in the society.

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